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Taste in Television - Original release 1996
500 vinyl only - 180grams collectors individiually hand silked screened and numbered
Rare electro acid house breaks collaboration project

DJ Steve Pagan (
Roland TB303 | TR606 | TR909 | CR8000 | Space Echo RE201 | KORG WAVEDRUM | EMUIIIXP | Vocoder/Background Vocals)
Jason Harvey
(Roland JD800 / Korg WAVESTATION A/D)
DJeff Skot (Moog Concertmate MG1 / Sequential Pro 1) 
Executive Producer: Judd Clark Incoherent Records
Licenced to Vinyl Communications Records

T.I.T. - B1 was recorded in one take, all personnel frying balls on mushroom tea at the famous Downtown Loft Art Studios and Event Space in San Diego curated by Global Underworld and Inner Earth Productions

Click to listen DJ Steve Pagan on YouTube
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